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Why KRK?

  • Accredited Curriculum by AdvancEd - You can rest assured that our exclusive curriculum is based on the highest academic standards developed from the latest trends and research.  Curriculum begins in the infant room and is expanded upon through the duration of preschool.
  • SmartBoard- An interactive white board that allows children to learn in a hands-on, fun environment. 
  • Internet viewing- Watch Me Grow is a password secured internet viewing system which allows you to spend the day with your child. The password protection allows parents to watch only their child(rens) rooms and common areas.
  • Our administrative team includes on-site owners and four directors allowing us to run this center to our high standards. 
  • Large age-appropriate classrooms and playgrounds- We separate children by six to eight month age groups allowing for efficient, organized, and developmentally appropriate classrooms. Four age appropriate playgrounds provides for safe play.
  • Facility safety and security- Parents and visitors are welcomed and allowed into the center by an administrator per ID recognition.