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At every stage of your child's development, Kids R Kids O'Fallon provides new and challenging ways to expand each child's mind and his or her imagination. Our oversized classrooms include developmentally appropriate learning centers which are designed using our Kids R Kids curriculum accredited by AdvancED. As theorized by the renowned psychologist, Jean Piaget, children learn best through play, so we've developed hands-on learning experiences for all levels of learning. Some enhancements to our accredited curriculum include STEAM Ahead and Brain Waves. These additional elements to our already extensive curriculum put a large focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math lessons. We also supplement learning in our center through Smartboard lessons, Spanish, and physical education.

Infant Program


Infants as young as six weeks old are immersed with stimulating, hands-on play. Each activity is designed to assist your child in achieving important developmental milestones such as sitting up, crawling, walking, feeding, etc., while having fun at the same time! The Kids R Kids O'Fallon environment is a safe place for children to develop and learn while promoting love, growth and discovery.

At Kids R Kids O'Fallon, we pride ourselves on creating a nurturing environment for your infant while fostering physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development using our Big Steps Curriculum accredited by AdvancED. Some things that set our infant room apart from other centers include:

  • Double sink system to prevent cross-contamination
  • Introduction of sign language
  • Pre-literacy skills
  • Daily reports with personalized information
  • Individualized schedule to meet infant's needs

Toddler Program


Toddlers are provided an environment that promotes play and a continuation of the skills they began learning as an infant. Our teachers offer meaningful lessons through our Big Steps Curriculum accredited by AdvancED and the implementation of sign language, books, puppet play, music, singing, games, and plenty of conversation with peers and teachers! Highlights of our Toddler rooms include:

  • Promoting social interaction through sensory and hands-on play
  • Toilet training with appropriately sized toilets
  • Implementation of structured daily activities
  • Introduction of early literacy development
  • Cultivating gross motor skills

Preschool Program


Our accelerated preschool program at Kids R Kids O'Fallon helps children acquire literacy and cognitive skills through a child-centered, play-based curriculum. They are exposed to an abundance of hands-on, multisensory activities designed to expand their knowledge. We incorporate all different aspects of learning through our Fast Track Curriculum accredited by AdvancEd. Preschoolers thrive on structure within well-organized classrooms with schedules that allow for a balance of hands-on, cognitive and social activities. What makes our Kids R Kids O'Fallon Preschool stand out are the following:

  • Small group instruction
  • We foster self-awareness and age appropriate coping skills
  • Peer collaboration
  • Encouraging independence
  • Introduction of literacy and hand-writing skills

Pre-K Program


The quality of learning in our Pre-K program is of the upmost importance in preparation for your child's future. We incorporate all different aspects of learning through our Fast Track Curriculum accredited by AdvancEd. Our Pre-K program is designed to highlight each child's educational independency while fostering skills and learning that will surpass requirements for Kindergarten. To help your child exceed in Kindergarten, we use the Fort Zumwalt Kindergarten checklist. A few of the main points of the checklist that we emphasize are:

  • Character development
  • Fine-tuning of our literacy, fine motor, and social skills
  • Letter/sound correspondence
  • Small group reading centers
  • Nurturing self-help skills

School-Age Program


Our before and after school-age program offers a structured environment for children Kindergarten through fifth grade. Our before school program is a calm environment which allows children to prepare themselves for their demanding school day. Our after school program allows children to unwind from their school day through various structured clubs and free play opportunities. Some elements of our school-age program are:

  • Technology exploration
  • Science experiments
  • Arts and crafts
  • Homework club
  • Building positive peer relationships
  • We transport to the following schools:
    • Dardenne Elementary
    • Emge Elementary
    • Ostmann Elementary
    • Pheasant Point Elementary
    • Progress South Elementary
    • Rock Creek Elementary
    • Twin Chimneys Elementary

Summer Camp


Our summer camp program encompasses our entire center beginning at the conclusion of the Fort Zumwalt school year. During summer camp, our accredited curriculum through AdvancEd is still at the forefront of our daily schedule with special theme-related enhancements throughout each week. We have different daily activities consisting of:

  • In-house guests
  • Field Trips for ages four and up
    • 4 & 5's - 10 trips each summer
    • School Agers - 20 trips each summer
  • Splash days
  • Movie days
  • Ice Cream Socials

Extracurricular Activities

  • Spanish- Studies have shown that the introduction of a foreign language at an early age has a direct link to enhanced cognitive development. Our on-site Spanish teacher presents a fun environment for learning Spanish language through songs and crafts.
  • KinderDance- KinderDance is for ages two and a half and up on Tuesdays. For more information or to sign your child up, please visit their website at: https://kinderdancemetrostl.com/
  • Soccer Shots- Soccer Shots is for ages three and up on Thursdays. For more information or to sign your child up, please visit their website at: http://www.soccershots.org/
  • Gymnastics on Wheels- Gymnastics on Wheels is for ages two and up on Mondays.

SmartBoard Technology


Our SmartBoard is an interactive whiteboard that offers children the opportunity to expand upon their knowledge in a hands-on environment. Our SmartBoard is either used in our gym allowing the kids another learning environment or to their classroom for those aged two years and older. The use of technology in classrooms is an essential element in preparing children for the tech savvy world ahead.