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Policies & Procedures

-  KidsRKids values our enrolled families business and will provide preferential treatment for any waiting lists to those parents and families.

-   Part-time enrollments (MWF’s, TTH’s) are offered at the age of three and only as available when full time enrollment in a room is not fully utilized.  Currently enrolled parents using part time positions will be given preference for the full time position before any new enrollments are accepted.  Should the parent choose not to utilize the full time position, the part-time student may be disenrolled.

-  I understand that my child will be provided all snacks and lunch served daily during their hours of attendance. Breakfast is served until 8:00 am for an additional $5 weekly or $1 daily charge.

-  For infants, I understand I am responsible for any special diet required by my child. I will provide the food and formula daily to the center.  All bottles and other containers will be clearly labeled with the Child’s full name and dated.

-  I understand that it is my responsibility to escort my child into the center and to the classroom or café and insure the teacher is aware of the child’s arrival or departure.  I also understand I will sign my child in/out at the computer each day.  This is a safety issue regarding your child. 

-  Please leave all personal toys at home, naptime items that fit inside the child’s cubby are allowed.  KidsRKids is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal property.

-  Children at the Center may be photographed and/or videotaped as part of school activities.

-  If my child needs diapers, I will provide whatever disposable diapers are required. 

-  A clean change of clothes for any child up through the pre-k program must be in the classroom at all times. These clothes must have the child’s name on each item.

-  If I have not picked up my child by 7pm, and all attempts to contact the parents and other emergency and pickup contacts have failed, Kids R Kids will contact the Missouri State Police and the O’Fallon Police.